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Yumlane Pizza League

Yumlane Pizza is a brand based out of Bangalore, that we've been friends with for a long time now. We've carefully conceptualized and branded their social media strategy, from monthly postings to topical communication for occasions like Friendship Day, World Chocolate Day.

The challenge was to create a campaign for Yumlane primarily targeting social media that would drive engagement, excite it's customer base and intrigue potential customers.

Our solution Yumlane Pizza League, a campaign that draws inspiration and energy from IPL to be played out in conjunction with IPL 2020.

We decided to showcase Yumlane hot sellers as the various teams participating to find the ultimate winner. 

This would position Yumlane as an active and involved brand and help communicate with the cricket-savy audience in a fun and excited manner.



Since the campaign was for a limited period, we decided to create a new, independent identity for the same. This involved a custom logo and devising various brand assets to help distinguish and identify creatives across promotions.

Flames were a signature element we worked with across the campaign, from the logo, static creatives to video creatives. We used these to sub-consciously excite the viewers so they look forward to a positive experience.

Logo Sketches
Initial Sketches
Final Logo
YPL Introductory Video
Promotional Merchandise

We made stories, posts and banners to introduce the various pizzas for Instagram, Facebook and the Yumlane website.

A mix of static and animated posts were used to entice the consumers with the flavors and offers.

YPL Teams

Short quizzes were incorporated to engage with the audience and add variety to the campaign without straying away from it or seeming repetitive.

Additionally, 'Match Moments' were introduced to synchronize with relevant exciting moments in a game.

United by Pizza

The campaign was complete with various tiles and banners for the two web locations that Yumlane has. Custom banners was hosted before the launch of the campaign to build traction and relevant ones were present throughout. 

The hot-selling variants were made instantly accessible through the use of custom tiles with the price and promotion on the landing pages. This eased the process of placing cross-platform orders.

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