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Brand Campaign

Our design for Yumlane, a first mover in the frozen pizza space, with robust distribution in key cities- positions the brand as a leader in the Heat and Eat Pizza range. We crafted Yumlane’s optimistic, positive, sociable personality basis traits that lend themselves to the brand’s ‘easy to make’ cheesy pizza at home promise. Yumlane’s wide target audience- encompassing many age groups and cities meant we could create a broad and open brand world- emphasizing that Yumlane is for everyone and for every occasion. 

The illustration style brings out a feeling of belonging, companionship, togetherness against an Orange backdrop- a colour that naturally lends itself to food as an appetizing color. It stimulates senses and emotions and keeps the focus on the unique Yumlane Pizza shape and cheesy goodness.

The copy “Jitna Cheesy, Utna Easy” is a catchy, bilingual, memorable line- underlining the brand promise.

(The campaign is due to be launched, the creatives have been displayed with permission from Yumlane)
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