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Cutty Sark Yellow Mood

Sequence 01.gif

A campaign to engage with the audience of Cutty Sark in an exclusive visual language to aptly reflect the young and bright pop of Cutty. 


It consisted of developing doodle style animations on the Cutty Yellow background to build an association with the brand over a period. 

The idea was to create a new fun, energetic and experimental language that has instant recognition through the use of doodles or scribbles. The posts would be only be in a short video format with the (Cutty) Yellow background. 

The imperfectly drawn lines impart a fun-loving temperament, pushing the idea of experimenting and going beyond the stringent rules of drinking scotch blends. 

For the Indian market, it made sense to fully embrace the yellow of Cutty Sark and set the brand apart from it's contemporaries. Black, white and grey would be the only other accents used.

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