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Covid 19-
Preventive Measures

Digital Campaign

Three months into 2020 revealed a life threatening disease worldwide. The Novel Corona virus had compelled many cities to a complete/partial shutdown.


We were required to design a campaign for Swiggy with the goal to educate their Delivery Partners to be cautious and take preventive measures against Covid-19, strictly adhering to the guidelines of WHO. 

Our Strategy was simple, we stressed on avoiding panic and in turn provided simple and memorable creatives to show the protective measures that needed to be followed. It was absolutely crucial to use simple language that could easily be understood by our target group.

We made an effort to establish a context and show a visual situation that they would be likely to encounter and instances where they might need to be cautious.


Each creative was to highlight one key measure at a  time. We designed the creatives in a way that each creative would be complete communication and have all the other steps listed in the artwork.

This way Swiggy was able to dodge the panic bullet and internally circulate numerous safety precautions without seeming repetitive.

The campaign was launched on the Swiggy Facebook page, Swiggy Delivery Partners Facebook page and was circulated as a part of their internal communication.

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