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Super Smelly is committed to provide the most effective and safe, toxin-free personal care solutions that their young audience- teens and young adults, look for in any skin care product. They work towards bridging the gap between the demands of the new generation and the existing market offerings available to them.


Super Smelly wanted to launch a new toxin-free hair gel range with two variants. Unlike many other products from their portfolio, the target audience for the hair gels leaned more towards young adults over the teen consumer base that Super Smelly caters to.

Our solution was to create a pack design that was set apart from the hyper masculine visuals, colors and product names that presently dominate the market; to strengthen the position of Super Smelly as a quintessential youngster's brand. 


We focused on creating a visual connect that was more natural, to reflect the toxin free nature of the product. We maintained a fun and youthful appearance by integrating fresh illustrations and bright colors, in line with the existing product portfolio. 

packaging design


The visual elements for the packaging employ illustration and clean layout design. The logo units for the variants are retro-futuristic for some added drama. While Hemp Hold has a casual vibe to it, Style&Grow works to makes-a-statement.

While the brand language is fun and quirky, it takes the ingredients that go into the product very seriously. This makes it important to carefully balance the packaging to serve both puposes.

Retro-futuristic type
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Asset 4SG.png
Relevant visual cues
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Free Branding Cosmetic Tubes Mockup-Reco
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