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Richton VSOP Brandy

Richton VSOP Brandy is a product of the finest quality of ingredients coming together in creation of superior quality grape spirit, with proven expertise. Keeping in mind those who value a tradition of craftsmanship, Richton uses time-honored distillation methods to achieve a perfect harmony of elegant aromas and an exquisite velvety rich feeling on the palate.

The brief was to design the identity and packaging of the brand for launch, building a visual appeal inline with the brand aspirations.

We were required to reflect luxury in an easy-to-understand manner while retaining an old-world charm.

branding & packaging design


Latin inscription on marble and stone blocks were drawn from to perfect the logo for Richton. The logo has rich serif characters and rounded edges. Similar to Greek architecture, seemingly straight lines are also tapered for added visual harmony.

Latin Inscriptions
Latin Inscriptions

The logo was kept minimal with an icon that is easy to recognize and recollect. We worked with various heraldic symbols to simplify them for the audience. 

Heraldic Symbols
Richton Logo

French and Greek heritage are heavily drawn from, to reflect a luxurious taste without adding visual complexity. Subtle clues are incorporated to emphasize the tradition of craftsmanship.

Use of light Marble

These elements are key influences for the identity, packaging and imaging.

Architectural patterns
Patterns from Greek Architecture
Color palette
Scenic color palette
Richton VSOP Brandy
Richton Visual
Richton Packaging
Richton Brandy
Richton Billboard Advertisement
Richton Poster
Glass for Richton Brandy
RIchton record
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