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Identity Rebrand

RateGain provides solutions to attain the real-time and meaningful insights, and connects to the largest supply and demand travel and hospitality network in the world.


Rategain needed a fresh homepage design for the launch of their new website to live upto global standaards. the global, innovative and trust-worthy brand that it is.

The new Rategain web presence is clean and modern to introduce the visitors to Rategain 

The elements (elements, transitions and effects) have been designed keeping in mind the wide range of products offered for different industries by Rategain. Animated graphic units were added to help the audience to comprehend data heavy information easily.

The homeepage encapsulates what Rategain does as a business and the eager to connect mindset of the company.

RateGain Brand Identity, conceptualizing and creating brand assets to maintain connect in communication.

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