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Sustainable Packaging Design >>Trend 3/5

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Packaging Designs For Millennials

Trends 2020:

A five part series on the upcoming design trends that will dominate brand packaging in 2020.

Every single minute one million plastic bottles are being bought on Earth that means by the time you’ve read this article a couple of millions will have been added to that number and it’s safe to say that not all of them are going to end up being recycled. A few years ago Coca Cola came out with a fully recyclable plastic bottle which is made from plants, which impressively fits into a closed – loop system.

A closed – loop system is one where the materials are fed back into the original system through recycling or through composting, these materials could also be reused or re-purposed. Sustainability is not just about Eco – friendly packaging, it’s about reducing the carbon footprint as a whole. Yes, a closed – loop system is ideal, one that send 100% of the material back to the resource pool but for true sustainability you also need to look at potential waste during the production process. When introducing end to end sustainability, you need to look back at the very beginning. Technology is also improving the packaging material industry. Advancements in plastic and paper chemistry now allow recycling to be easier and more convenient than ever in addition to this, the government is also contributing to the promotion of a recyclable and sustainable.

With a global shift towards fighting climate change today's consumers are increasingly aware about the sustainability efforts of the brands they purchase from, and are actively looking to support brands that support the environment. Millennials globally are driving the trend and are more likely to change shopping habits based on environmental impact and are willing to pay for products that contain environmentally friendly or sustainable ingredients. Rather than being an alternative option, sustainable packaging is going to become the only acceptable option.

Below are the three brands that use sustainable packaging so that you can enjoy your favorite products without creating unnecessary plastic waste:

Carlsberg Group partner ecoXpac has developed the thermoforming technology required to make the Green Fiber Bottle. The technology allows a reduction in energy consumption and also a decrease in production time. The processes being developed at ecoXpac can handle many different sizes and shapes – allowing for customization required to produce the Green Fiber Bottle.

These vegan toothpastes are manufactured using 99.7% natural ingredients and are packaged in 100% recyclable tubes made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) – the same plastic used to manufacture milk jugs and plastic bottles. The secondary packaging was made using recyclable carton.

This innovative pencil is tipped with a soluble capsule containing quality seeds. When the sprout liner becomes too short to use, it can simply be planted upside down and in just a few weeks, a seedling will sprout up. The seed variants include popular herbs and flowers, such as basil, forget me not and sunflower.

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