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Storytelling in Packaging Design>>Trend 4/5

Packaging Designs For Millennials

Trends 2020:

A five part series on the upcoming design trends that will dominate brand packaging in 2020.

Storytelling is undoubtedly a powerful tool in human communication. Iconic brands have been using stories as a great way to convey their values and what they stand for. The packaging choices indicate what type of brand they are. For the brand to have a great impact, its story should be built based on clear values that are embedded within its core.

The more stories are told about the brand that supports its values, the more they will nurture the brand’s core story, which in turn helps to ensure the consistency of its messages, thus differentiating it from competitors.

Packaging has many functions, however, the potential function of packaging as a value, stories and meanings communicator to end users are often overlooked. Storytelling, both verbally and visually, is an effective way of communicating brand ideas and impressions with packaging. Storytelling on packaging is an art that requires true collaboration between the brand team and the creative talents. The end consumer should be able to understand with ease and find resonating meaning in the value system defined.

Below are few examples of Storytelling packaging:

The Bootz Dark Jamaica Rum packaging features a vision of a vintage newspaper set in Jamaica in the late 1600's is brought to life -Stippled illustrations, whimsical copy and letterpress inspired typography create a unique and premium aesthetic appeal.

Each Amazon box carries the stories of the dreams, hard work and ambition of Amazon sellers. These stories are a testimony to the grit and passion of the Amazon sellers in an attempt to bring the sellers closer to their customers.

Goa Brewing Co., which makes quintessential Goan brews, pays homage to the man through their IPA, Eight Finger Eddie, an American who came to Anjuna beach, and put Goa on the hippie trail, making it the hub for international tourists it is today. The brand exemplifies the free-spirited and non-conformist image associated with Goa.

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