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Is Your Brand on their Pinterest Board?

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

'Pinterest is quietly growing into a digital ad giant' claims the headline of an article on Fast Company.

But are brands listening?  ​Pinterest is a unique discovery platform allowing users to pin their thoughts and turn them into "boards" which could be actionable at a later stage. Many millennial's today pin everything from holiday bucket lists to home decor. Pinterest is really unique because it actually helps its users decide what to do. They are acting on a latent desire- to take a holiday or choose a wedding theme. Pinterest helps provide options and inspiration for the user to ultimately make up their mind. Social media like Facebook and Instagram on the other hand are different as they are more externally directed and document events and news that is in real time.​​ Pinterest on the other hand, is quality time- usually spent alone planning - and can be quite calming in contrast. 


Pinterest in India

Indian brands have not woken up to the possibilities and opportunities pinterest provides. Agencies too have been, and are -slow to react.  "Unlike the US and UK where Pinterest is considered to have more female users, the service has equal interest among men and women in India. Fashion, travel and technology are big in India," says Matt Crystal (Head of International at Pinterest), adding that technology is not generally a top five category in other countries. If a couple is planning dinner for the night, they can send Pins and ideas back and forth to decide what to cook. It’s different from What’sApp or Line and other messaging platforms because conversations are around a Pin, and are focused on planning,” Crystal added. Brands like The Loom, Pernia's Pop Up Shop (Clothing), and Club Mahindra are some examples of brands using the platform to connect with their audience. 

Content on Pinterest

Many brands and agencies do not understand Pinterest hence, many Pinterest feeds look like ads and clutter. Content on Pinterest cannot be cut copy of a Facebook post. Content may link somewhere and most importantly should have a solid context and feel organic. Quality has to be very good and visual appeal strong. Pinterest says- ''Unlike other platforms, Pinterest isn’t about killing time. It’s about finding something to do or buy. 72% of Pinners said they use the platform to find new ideas for their everyday life or hobbies—nearly double what people said about Google.'' Its important to invest behind a strategic, quality content strategy and that works in the Pinterest landscape. 

Advertising on Pinterest

Very recently the Ad Manager has become available for India in Pinterest. This is the start of a massive opportunity and we expect Pinterest to provide a much better ROI than Facebook and Twitter. Why its likely to yield better results is that -Promoted Pins don’t interrupt or distract Pinners. They actually help people find new products and ideas. In fact, 73% of Pinners say that content from brands makes Pinterest more useful. Evolving and innovative ad formats, help Pinners find useful, everyday ideas while building branding equity in the process.

source: Pinterest for Business

Taali: Crafting brand success on Pinterest ​ ​Taali has been successfully helping brands connect with potential customers. Our sharp content strategy has without promotion  led to a growth of over 200% monthly viewers for brands. We pay close attention to trends and insights and create content even you would like to pin! So - is your brand on their pinterest bucket list?

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