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Web Design

The website redesign for Panitek, an Indo-European establishment, dedicated towards solving some of the biggest energy challenges in the emerging countries through clean energy solutions aims to position it as the global, innovative and trust-worthy brand that it is.


Reflecting the new brand identity we crafted for it, the Panitek website is clean, modern and minimal. It channels the underlying green and sustainable values held dearly by Panitek.


The elements (elements, transitions and effects) of the website (and videos) have been designed keeping in mind Panitek’s friendly and eager-to-educate approach with regards to clean-tech to its target audiences. The infographics help the audience to consume the data heavy information in an interactive manner.


The videos of the website help people understand what Panitek does as a business, the vision and the mission of its stakeholders and underscore the approachable and transparent mindset of the company.

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