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Edrington Kyndal 


The Strategy


We found a way to tell the brand story uniquely- using fashion illustrations of the eras that Cutty Sark has been a part of: since 1920’s till present day. We worked within the brand colours for a big impact.

Sales increased by over 50% overall in key markets after the Cutty Sark Value Added Pack hit the market. Our design made Cutty stand out thanks to its unique storytelling and its international appeal.

The Brief


Seasonal Limited Edition or Value Added Packs (VAP) are a traditional practice by the liquor trade to entice buyers on or before the festive season. Cutty Sark wanted to have an effective, brand oriented season pack and our task was to deliver the desired result.

The Result


The final result – the 750ml SKU depletion had nearly doubled in key states. In store visibility for the brand was at an all-time high with the pack creating an illusion of a yellow wall on the shelves with the brand name clearly visible with the iconic shield shape. 

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