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Digital Campaign

Our concept is to tell our delivery partners that they were the lifeline of the people, fellow essential workers and the entire Swiggy team.

We focused on LIFELINE - because the underlying emotion was that Swiggy wanted to
make the delivery partners feel special, appreciated and cared for; that Swiggy had their back. 

The campaign was launched on the Swiggy Facebook page, Swiggy Delivery Partners
Facebook page and was circulated as a part of their internal communication.

Ever since the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic the world has had to reassess the definition of what the essential industries are and who their essential workers are.

Our objective was to design a campaign for  Swiggy delivery partners to instill in them that Swiggy will take care of them and their families by sharing the burden in the fight against COVID 19. Additionally, we wanted to remind them, that as essential workers, their role was crucial.

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Double Minimum Guarantee

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Loyalty Points for Top Performer


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