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Panitek is an Indo-European establishment dedicated to solving some of the biggest energy challenges in emerging countries through clean energy solutions.

Website designing

  • Update site content and messaging to more effectively target primary audiences

  • Improve overall site design / architecture and modern navigation to enable easier browsing and a more frictionless experience

  • Improve the Portfolio/Projects map experience, and the overall structure of each project’s content and storytelling

  • Provide technical execution and drive transparency with the Let’s Talk section that showcases company culture


Panitek has multiple years of successful development and operation of projects. Their previous website navigation was misleading, and the content was overloaded. The navigation had to be rearranged and the content needed to be shortened . Also the language had to be adapted to their new communication strategy based on Panitek’s values and language guidelines.

1. Homepage.jpg

Panitek has a diverse audience, ranging from cleantech companies, the Indian market, The Indian government , potential investors and potential employees. To redesign the website, the information architecture and navigation needed to be exceptionally strong, with clear paths to the key content for each audience. As part of our initial sitemap and prototyping, we were primarily focused on improving the content flow.

3. Have Cleantech.jpg

Panitek wanted to revamp their brand style, and we wanted to have unique visuals in the new web design. We worked with a palette of green Pantones (brand colour) contrasted with dark grey and white, and added their brand typography.

With all the new and improved content areas, we were able to create more room for hand drawn sketches, exclusive to Panitek to tell their story better. The overall feel is clean and open, which reflects their purpose and work.


Panitek website is ready to grow and expand with their operations, and to drive their digital strategy. Many content areas have been expanded to tell their values as a fun and optimistic , responsible, transparent and experienced company that captures the importance of the work that they do.

The new Let’s Talk area is a stronger communication tool, with engaging FAQ’s and recruitment highlights. The interactive projects map lets visitors explore their work by New markets, Clean Technologies, and News.

Screen Shot 2022-12-29 at 2.45.08 PM.png
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