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Bootz Rum is a blended dark rum that combines authentic Jamaica rum, known for its distinctive flavorful and aromatic style. The brand needed a fresh look and feel ahead of its launch.​

The challenge was to craft an exclusive & premium Rum identity and packaging design, apt in reflection of the Jamaican heritage, yet differentiated for the Indian market.

Our solution was to build a brand identity that integrated story-telling to the core of the brand, through exclusive visuals and narratives. Hence, enhancing the quality of the experience throughout the interaction of the product. We created a detailed brand world for Bootz Rum.

The brand garnered 3% of the total Rum sales in key markets in less than one month of launch.

repositioning via packaging design in the indian market

This project has also featured on Packaging of the World (POTW)  World Brand Design.

It is also the recipient of the AFAQS Foxglove  awards 2020; Gold and Silver awards in the packaging design category.


A vision of a vintage newspaper set in Jamaica in the late 1600's was brought to life - we created an amusing brand world for consumers to playfully engage with, by telling them a curious story.

Stippled illustrations, whimsical copy and letterpress inspired typography would go on to make the distinctive features for the brand created a unique and premium aesthetic appeal. 

Geometric borders
Tall monospace type with accented serifs
Delicate framing.png
Delicate framing
Stippled Illustrations
Vintage newspaper

In line with the older identity, we worked with warm tones and a minimal color palette to build a rich aesthetic. This would help us to re-iterate the heritage and the premium nature of the product.

The use of gold with foiling techniques and sparse ornate elements strikes a delicate balance between luxury and minimalism.

International and Indian bottle design f
Bootz Dark Jamaica Rum Bottle
Bottle & canister.png

We crafted a brand world complete with collateral and digital assets to create a truly immersive experience. Bootz has an array of custom cocktails, merchandise, digital properties and even a cutom-made bar.

We can captivate the audience digitally and distinguish our presence while hosting or participating in events by creating spaces that reflect the essence of the brand.

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